Cool Unbranded GFX Card

Let’s talk about, how cool this card is and give you the shout outs and props. 
When I go walking out, I’ll be talking about how it’s awesome and totally rocks.
Won’t be talking about the inner workings or how it computes in many teraflops.
We keep it simple while we speak to these people so that they think we’re one in the same!

Upgrade to this card there are non the same it’s the one to run that awesome new game.
Do you know that streamer he has one the same, we’re just waiting for him to tell us his name.
It’s fitted and tricked, fan housing thats slick and under the shroud an array or LEDs.
They work on their own in pairs and threes, it’s awesomes it’s got customizable RGBs.

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Jan 01 @ 12AM PST

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